Please book your accommodation as soon as possible! Banff is a popular tourist destination and affordable accommodation will become harder to find the longer you leave it.

There are rooms available at the Banff Centre, but there are no available reservations that cover the entire duration of the conference.

For anyone looking for a room outside of the conference venue, there are many hotels in Banff but most tend to be expensive. In such cases we recommend sharing a room – you can coordinate to find a roomate on the Planning Slack Channel, #icaps24-shared-housing. Check AirBnB and hostels for other accommodations.

The town of Canmore is a 20 minute drive from Banff and is a nice place to stay. It has accommodation, some of which will be at a more reasonable price (it is also not in Banff National Park, which means some of the taxes do not apply). There is a regular bus service between Canmore and Banff.